Your Life, Your Terms

Your Life, Your Terms

Now you have the power to change your mental state and the course of your day at the flip of a switch—whether you need a good night’s sleep, instant stress relief, or a boost to your energy level. Tune your brain to meet the day’s challenges effortlessly:



  • Lower stress, accelerate recovery, and feel better with NuCalm 
  • Improve concentration and comprehension with Focus 
  • Achieve high-intensity, peak performance with Ignite 
  • Get to sleep faster without drugs or side effects with DEEP SLEEP 

Getting Started With NuCalm

  1. Download the NuCalm app from the App Store or Play Store.
  2. Log in with the same username / password or third party authenticator (Google, Apple, Facebook) you created on the website to purchase NuCalm.
  3. Watch this quick tutorial on how to use NuCalm:

Start Your Day With an Energy Boost

  • A morning NuCalm session, right when you wake up
  • After NuCalm, listen to Ignite while you are getting ready
  • End your day with a DEEP SLEEP session after you get into bed

Optimize Daily Recovery and Performance

  • Listen to Ignite during your morning or afternoon workout to push harder
  • An afternoon NuCalm session to optimize recovery and increase productivity for the remainder of the day
  • Listen to DEEP SLEEP in the middle of the night to fall back asleep
NuCalm Best Practices

NuCalm Best Practices

Where To NuCalm

Find a quiet place - e.g. bedroom, office, car, or even the plane, when you are traveling. Always use a NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc, eye mask, and headphones or earbuds with the NuCalm mobile app.

When To NuCalm

NuCalm is a very personal experience. Use the information below to help make NuCalm a regular part of your life. There is no right or wrong way to NuCalm. Experiment with different journey lengths and times of day to optimize NuCalm use for your lifestyle.

Similar to caffeine, many people find they may be too energized to sleep at night after a late NuCalm session. Make note of your sleep patterns after evening NuCalm use to find your cut-off time. We typically recommend not using after 7pm.

NuCalm Session Length

For optimal recovery and health, let your body tell you how long your NuCalm journey needs to be. The best way to achieve homeostasis (putting your mind and body back into balance) is to “wake up” or finish a NuCalm journey naturally. This means that you end your NuCalm journey whenever you naturally “wake up” or start to be aware of your surroundings again, the same way you would after a nap. This may be anywhere from 20 - 90 minutes.

The time needed in NuCalm is directly correlated to your current stress or fatigue level – the greater the stress or fatigue, the longer your NuCalm journey will be. Some signs of your natural endpoint include: feeling alert and more aware of your surroundings, feeling distracted or antsy, moving around, and faster breathing pace.

If you do not have time to go to your natural endpoint, we recommend a mininum 20 minute session to receive the recovery benefits of NuCalm.

Choosing The Right NuCalm Journey

Choosing The Right NuCalm Journey

General Health, Energy, or Recovery

  • NuCalm every afternoon to your natural endpoint when possible, otherwise a minimum of 20-30 min
  • Use the Rescue tracks for 30 min. or longer (or Recharge if you really can only spare 20 min)
  • An afternoon NuCalm can replace caffeine, naps, or sugar for afternoon dips in focus and energy

Stress or Anxiety Relief


  • For daily stress or anxiety relief, NuCalm any time before 7pm
  • For situational anxiety, NuCalm in anticipation of the stressful event
  • For maximum relief, use the longer Rescue tracks

Cognitive Performance


  • NuCalm before a presentation, exam, game, etc. for focus
  • NuCalm after learning something new to improve memorization
  • Use the Reboot tracks for focus, creativity, and cognitive performance

Injury, Post-op, Feeling Unwell, or Hangover Recovery


  • NuCalm as soon as possible and as frequently as possible to your natural endpoint
  • You cannot overdo NuCalm, so NuCalm as much as you can until you feel better
  • Always use the Rescue tracks for deep recovery – the longer, the better

Waking Up Tired


  • Keep NuCalm by your bed
  • Set your alarm half an hour before you have to wake up and replace it with a 30 min., or longer, NuCalm
  • Replace your morning coffee with a morning NuCalm using any of the Rescue tracks
  • NOTE: 20 minutes of NuCalm is equivalent to approximately 2 hours of restorative sleep

Trouble Falling or Staying Asleep

(if you do not have the Premium Subscription with DEEP SLEEP)


  • Keep NuCalm by your bed
  • Though NuCalm does not put you to sleep, it relieves stress and guides you toward the onset of sleep
  • You can use earbuds for comfort in bed and remove them any time as you roll over and fall into sleep
  • Use the Rescue journeys to help guide you toward sleep

Jet Lag


  • Drink lots of water and add electrolytes to your diet as part of your pre-flight routine; dehydration during travel is common and increases the potential for jet lag
  • Be sure to NuCalm before your travel day for at least 30 minutes
  • Once you are comfortable in your seat, start NuCalm
  • For longer flights, do another NuCalm session an hour before the end of the flight (keep your disc on throughout the flight)
  • If you still feel sluggish or are having a difficult time adjusting to your local time zone, NuCalm again once you arrive at your destination
  • When you wake up the next morning, start your day with NuCalm and try to fit in a NuCalm session each day you are traveling
Ignite Warrior Brain Best Practices

Ignite Best Practices

As you begin to incorporate Ignite Warrior Brain into your routine, make sure you are using NuCalm regularly to properly manage your rest and recovery. We recommend using NuCalm every day that you use Ignite.


How To Use Ignite

  • Listen to Ignite with headphones for best results
  • Unlike NuCalm, you do NOT use a biosignal processing disc or eye mask
  • You can loop Ignite a couple times (don't overdo it)
  • Stop listening to Ignite if you begin to feel agitated


When To Use Ignite

  • Between wake up and 7pm
  • After NuCalm
  • Before a physical workout or competition
  • When you need to focus mentally and perform at a high level
  • Instead of caffeine, energy drink, sugar drink, or stimulant


When To Avoid Ignite

  • Within 2 hours of bedtime
  • When you want to relax


Choosing The Right Ignite Journey

The Ignite journeys all use the same underlying patented physics and produce the same physiological result. Journey selection is based on personal preference. Experiment with each journey to find your “go to” journey. Some journeys have a motivational voice-over, while others are instrumental only.

DEEP SLEEP Best Practices

DEEP SLEEP Best Practices


Listen to DEEP SLEEP in your bedroom without headphones via a mobile device, tablet, or speaker at a comfortable volume.

Unlike with NuCalm, you do NOT need to use headphones, a biosignal processing disc or eye mask.


  • To help with the onset of sleep at bedtime
  • To help fall back asleep in the middle of the night

Choosing The Right DEEP SLEEP Journey

The DEEP SLEEP journeys all use the same underlying patented physics algorithms and produce the same physiological result. The 50-minute tracks are great for the onset of sleep, while the 8-hour tracks can be used all night. Journey selection is based on personal preference. We recommend you experiment with each DEEP SLEEP journey to find your “go to” tracks.

Enhancing The DEEP SLEEP experience

If you continue having difficulty with the onset of sleep after two weeks using DEEP SLEEP nightly, add a NuCalm biosignal processing disc and/or listen to DEEP SLEEP with headphones or earbuds in bed.