Can Nature Sounds Affect Your Well-Being?

Dan Selene is on his way to living to over 120 years old! He joins This Is NuCalm to talk about his own process for longevity as well as his work as a purposeful music engineer.

Dan Selene of SoundTonics® began his career as an educator. He taught at the Krishnamurti School, and co-founded Higher Octave Music.


“Whenever you hear nature sounds, those nature sounds come from 3D holophonic microphones that we had back in the record company days and we recorded a series of nature sounds from exotic locales like Sedona Arizona in a vortex night to get those crickets.”

— Dan Selene


Dan’s mission is to create audio programs, sound environments, and music to inspire everyone to attain their highest level of performance.


“When you hear birds, that’s a signal to the unconscious mind that everything is safe.”

— Dan Selene


Tune in to this episode of This Is NuCalm find out more about how the power of sound can relieve you of stress, improve your sleep and boost recovery.


Dan Selene Co-Founder of Higher Octave Music

Dan Selene is an entrepreneur with a lifelong commitment to learning and is an innovator in the music industry. He began his career as an educator in the Minneapolis school system. In the mid-70’s, he traveled to India where he was introduced to the teachings of J. Krishnamurti and his ideas of transformation through self-knowledge.

In the late 70’s Dan taught at the Krishnamurti school in Southern California, a mecca for world-class authors, scientists, and thinkers.

In the mid-1980’s, Dan co-founded Higher Octave Music, an independent record label focusing on Ambient and Progressive Instrumental Music. The label generated over 200 albums in 20 years and was acquired by Virgin Records.

His passion for music and his background as an educator led him to develop a new world of audio products. Dan’s mission now is to create personal development audio programs, sound environments, and music, to inspire everyone to attain their highest level of performance and achieve a way of life, both spiritual and material, that brings benefit to all.

Dan Selene has a Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University.