Can NuCalm Help Regulate Your Stress Levels?

You won’t want to miss next week’s episode of This Is NuCalm.

Founder of Solace Lifesciences and inventor of NuCalm, Dr. G. Blake Holloway joins David Poole in an exciting discussion sharing how our brains work on NuCalm.


“GABA is like the engine coolant for your automobile, it keeps the whole system from overheating and the other transmitter sites from going into hyper-arousal.”

— Dr. Blake Holloway


Listen in on this treasure trove of scientific knowledge on how and why NuCalm optimizes neurotransmitter function. This is an episode you’ll want to have pen and paper for!


More About Dr. G. Blake Holloway, Inventor of NuCalm

Dr. Blake Holloway was chief science officer and founder of Solace Lifesciences and inventor of NuCalm. He spent 30 years as a researcher in applied and neuro-psychobiology. From his private clinical naturopathy practices, Holloway helped people nationwide with anxiety, trauma, depression, pain, addiction, and circadian disorders.