Can Nature Sounds Affect Your Well-Being?

Dan Selene is on his way to living to over 120 years old! He joins This Is NuCalm to talk about his own process for longevity as well as his work as a purposeful music engineer.

Dan Selene of SoundTonics® began his career as an educator. He taught at the Krishnamurti School, and co-founded Higher Octave Music.


“Whenever you hear nature sounds, those nature sounds come from 3D holophonic microphones that we had back in the record company days and we recorded a series of nature sounds from exotic locales like Sedona Arizona in a vortex night to get those crickets.”

— Dan Selene


Dan’s mission is to create audio programs, sound environments, and music to inspire everyone to attain their highest level of performance.


“When you hear birds, that’s a signal to the unconscious mind that everything is safe.”

— Dan Selene


Tune in to this episode of This Is NuCalm find out more about how the power of sound can relieve you of stress, improve your sleep and boost recovery.


Dan Selene Co-Founder of Higher Octave Music

Dan Selene is an entrepreneur with a lifelong commitment to learning and is an innovator in the music industry. He began his career as an educator in the Minneapolis school system. In the mid-70’s, he traveled to India where he was introduced to the teachings of J. Krishnamurti and his ideas of transformation through self-knowledge.

In the late 70’s Dan taught at the Krishnamurti school in Southern California, a mecca for world-class authors, scientists, and thinkers.

In the mid-1980’s, Dan co-founded Higher Octave Music, an independent record label focusing on Ambient and Progressive Instrumental Music. The label generated over 200 albums in 20 years and was acquired by Virgin Records.

His passion for music and his background as an educator led him to develop a new world of audio products. Dan’s mission now is to create personal development audio programs, sound environments, and music, to inspire everyone to attain their highest level of performance and achieve a way of life, both spiritual and material, that brings benefit to all.

Dan Selene has a Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University.

Does Breathing Through Your Mouth Make You Stressed?

Introduced in this episode of This Is NuCalm as an expert of stress, Dr. Michael Robinson joins David Poole in an enlightening conversation about how a person’s smile says a lot about their health.

As a career-long dentist, Dr. Robinson has spent well over 30 years examining people’s oral health. He is a firm believer in the benefits of NuCalm and has a unit at his practice in Ontario, Canada.


“People get a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD and really what they need is a good night’s sleep! And they need to get good air. Many times, I’m disappointed when I see that doctors have put these kids on some medicines. Every drug has side effects, and I would rather them have no drugs at all. The best is our natural air.”

— Dr. Michael Robinson


Working in an industry that tends to influence a lot of stress in patients, Dr. Robinson has taken the time to observe how stress impacts his clients’ breathing and sleeping patterns.


So breathing should be … It’s a simple gift that we have to help calm ourself. Long, slow, deep, quiet breaths, that is as healthy as you can get. In through your nose and out through your nose.

– Dr. Michael Robinson


Tune into this episode of This Is NuCalm and get ready to take notes on how to better improve your sleeping habits and reduce stress!


Dr. Michael Robinson HBSC, DDS, LVI FELLOW

Dr. Michael Robinson received his Honours Degree in Life Sciences from Queen’s University in 1983 and his Dental Degree (DDS) from the University of Western Ontario in 1987. In addition to being an active member of the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) and the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), he is an esteemed Fellow of the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) and a member of the International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics (IAPA).

Since 1987, Dr. Robinson has worked in private practice as a General Practitioner in Barrie, Ontario. Through his journey with LVI, he became a Fellow in 2016 after completing many years of training in the following areas:

  • advanced aesthetic and cosmetic smile design
  • advanced functional dentistry studying the physiologic connection for patients with temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ/TMD), obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and related health concerns associated with jaw, teeth, head, neck, and spine.
  • orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMD) of the tongue and it’s a role with the face, mouth, and throat affecting speech, swallowing and posture
  • physiologic orthodontics and treatment

Outside the office, Dr. Robinson is known for his love of family and friends. He excels in sport and has promoted a healthy lifestyle all of his life. To name a few, he loves skiing (Level 4 Demonstrator CSIA), golf, water sports, and mountain biking. In addition, he’s an active member of the community supporting education for youth, charities, and programs close to his heart.

Inside the office, Dr. Robinson realizes that being ‘great’ requires a great team, and he surrounds himself with just that. His team shares the excitement and passion for what he does and the journey of continuing education. He can perform the traditional dentistry he was taught in school, or he can perform life-changing dentistry. He prefers the latter. Dr. Robinson is a physician of the full mouth. He informs patients about what they can do to reach optimal form and function, whether that includes physiologic or cosmetic dentistry. From there a plan is designed specifically for each patient. Dr. Robinson’s commitment to education with unique patient care supports his belief that people want more than just a nice smile. They want to feel better as well. They want to feel younger, healthy and more confident knowing that their dental team is on their side.


Top Ten Reasons to Use NuCalm

Based on feedback we’ve received from NuCalm users around the globe, here are the Top Ten Reasons to use NuCalm.

Reason #1 – Self Care

We can’t control everything life brings our way – but we can control how we respond to life’s everyday stressors through effective self-care strategies.

Stress, if not managed, can rob you of energy, sap your vitality, and make it difficult to enjoy work, play, and relationships.

Managing self-care involves improving your sleep, exercise, diet, communication, relaxation, and play. NuCalm provides you deep relaxation on-demand and improves the nervous system’s resilience to stress. So give yourself some love this weekend – take your NuCalm system home and treat yourself to a 20-minute vacation.

Reason #2 – Friends & Family

Everyone experiences stress but, nobody experiences it alone. When those who are closest to us are going through a rough period it affects us. Even if you aren’t the cause of stress, you might suffer the consequences of it.

Whatever the source of the stress, one of the best things you can do for those you love is to share the gift of NuCalm. It won’t eliminate stress from their lives – but it will build their resilience and give them the gift of deep relaxation and restoration. Take care of yourself too and use your NuCalm to manage your stress so you don’t take it out on those who love you.

Reason #3 – Your Team

Your team members drive your business every day. They are in the trenches – dealing with the challenges of client finances, scheduling, and stressed out co-workers. But they’re also in the trenches at home taking care of friends and family – cooking, cleaning, caretaking, and making ends meet. Stress takes its toll in team member burnout, sickness, and work inefficiency.

With NuCalm, you have a tool that can transform your business into a refuge. Imagine your team leaving work each day refreshed and ready to enjoy their time off with family and friends. Imagine them coming to work looking forward to the day. Over time, they will begin to associate the feeling of wellness with the workplace and build their stress resiliency both at work and at home.

When you share NuCalm with your team, you help them live great lives!

Reason #4 – Human Connection

According to Professor Manfred Max-Neef, a Chilean-born economist, the hierarchy of basic human needs start at a subsistence level and only later progress to levels of affection, understanding, and leisure. When we’re under stress, we are stuck at the level of subsistence. We can’t engage with our needs and with others at higher levels if we are blocked by stress.

A stressed person isn’t open to new experiences or able to process information accurately. Contacts with other people are more likely to be antagonistic or transactional. (What does this person want from me; what can I get from them?) They don’t have the processing ability to engage on different levels. When they are comfortable and stress-free, they are cognitively and emotionally available and better able to connect with people.

The ability to effectively communicate and connect with others is pivotal for developing successful and fulfilling relationships. NuCalm helps you make effective human connections.

Give yourself and the ones you love the gift of deep relaxation with NuCalm.

Reason #5 – Weight Control

When stressed, the body stores visceral fat, making it more difficult to fit into your clothes. Cortisol, one of the hormones associated with chronic stress, can affect levels of ghrelin (the hunger signaling hormone) and leptin (the satiety signaling hormone).

The brain can selectively activate stress responses. Although the stress pathways work together, they each can uniquely affect the function of bodily processes.

The stress response causes the heart to beat faster … and release more free fatty acids (dis-assembled triglycerides) into the blood. The “defeat” response stress pathway can lead to enhanced lipogenesis (fat creation), visceral obesity (deep abdominal obesity), breakdown of tissues, and suppression of the immune system.

NuCalm helps you control cortisol levels and reset the balance between ghrelin and leptin. It also helps you avoid stress-related eating, control your heart rate, and keep a positive attitude that will help you stay healthy.

Reason #6 – Healing

The healing process is a complex series of cellular events typically classified into three overlapping stages: inflammation, proliferation, and maturation. Stress can have a profound impact on these cellular response systems. Research shows that stress can adversely affect the body by disrupting communication between the nervous systems, endocrine system, and immune system.

Stress delays healing in several ways. First, it reduces the release of cytokines, key compounds that kick off the healing process. Stress also makes you more vulnerable to infection. Plus, stress can make it hard to sleep, and if you’re not getting enough sleep, you can’t heal as well.

NuCalm can make the healing process more effective by removing stress and re-establishing a healthy bodily response to injury.

Reason #7 – Performance

“You could just tell that these guys were just more relaxed, and they would tell me that. We want our players to play ‘intense’ not ‘tense’ and NuCalm is a way for them to just relax and deal with frustrations. NuCalm was very beneficial because it clears your head and allows you to start from scratch. The crucial part of this game is recovery. That’s why I think NuCalm played an important role for us, especially during the playoffs.”

— Mike Gapski, Head Trainer of the Chicago Blackhawks – 2013 Stanley Cup Champions

NuCalm improves performance – not just on the ice, the playing field, or the track but, for anyone who must be at their best: strong, resilient, and focused. NuCalm puts you “In the Zone.” And it doesn’t just help today, it helps you build a pattern that can improve your performance and recovery overtime.

Reason #8 – Travel

If you are traveling over the holidays –NuCalm is a great tool to help you stay balanced.

Airline travel presents challenges before, during, and after the flight. Clearing airport security or customs, boarding mayhem, in-flight stress on our bodies and jet lag skewing our circadian rhythms puts a severe strain on the human body. It’s no wonder we often arrive feeling exhausted and disconnected.

Travel by car is more natural for our biorhythms – but dealing with traffic or trying to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings can throw us out of balance as well.

Our central nervous systems are constantly seeking homeostasis – a state of balance. Everyday life is pushing us off-balance. For many people, holiday travel is one of the most stressful events of the year. Thankfully, NuCalm is a powerful and predictable tool for restoring Autonomic Nervous System balance – starting at the midbrain level – where all stress originates.

Reason #9 – Sleep

Research shows that sleep is one of the most important factors in your overall health. The Harvard Women’s Health Watch suggests six reasons to get enough sleep:

Learning and Memory: Sleep helps the brain commit new information to memory through a process called memory consolidation. In studies, people who’d slept after learning a task did better on tests later.

Metabolism and Weight: Chronic sleep deprivation may cause weight gain by affecting the way our bodies process and store carbohydrates, and by altering levels of hormones that affect our appetite.

Safety: Sleep deprivation contributes to a greater tendency to fall asleep during the daytime. These lapses may cause falls and mistakes such as careless errors, arguments with a spouse or road accidents.

Mood: Sleep loss may result in irritability, impatience, inability to concentrate, and moodiness. Too little sleep can also leave you too tired to do the things you like to do.

Cardiovascular Health: Serious sleep disorders have been linked to hypertension, increased stress hormone levels, and irregular heartbeat.

Disease: Sleep deprivation alters immune function, including the activity of the body’s killer cells. Keeping up with sleep may also help fight cancer.

NuCalm ‘grooms’ the neural sleep pathways and provides the necessary nutrients to support sleep.  It is an excellent tool to retrain your nervous system to reach the 1st stage of sleep naturally.

Reason #10 – Relatives

Stress is part of any holiday but, the stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day can be a bit overwhelming. But just think, if you had an extra NuCalm system, you could share the NuCalm experience with the ones you love (and the ones who challenge your patience) the most!

Let’s face it, when we’re stressed out over auto travel, airport security, meeting new family members, holiday expenses, and spontaneous political discussions, you just can’t be as happy being with your loved ones. But you do love them, so do yourself a favor and share NuCalm with friends and relatives over the Holidays this year.

You’ll be amazed how much a NuCalm session can help loved ones deal with jet lag, stress, timetables, and everything else the holiday season brings. It’s more effective (and easier) than an overdose of turkey tryptophan and cable television at giving the ones you love some much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation.

As you probably know by now, NuCalm is one of the most effective stress relievers on the planet!

After the NuCalm sessions, settle back with your loved ones and enjoy each other with a great meal or football game… you’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have just being together – without stress getting in the way!

Stressed? NuCalm Is Better Relief Than Alcohol

The world asks more from us each day; it’s hard not to be stressed on a daily basis.

Everybody has a different response when they’re stressed. But one common response is to drink alcohol. Although this is a common strategy it can worsen the situation. Here’s why NuCalm is a better approach to stress relief than alcohol.

Get Relaxed, Not Depressed

Alcohol is a nervous system depressant and interferes with the way your brain naturally works. In the short term, alcohol can suppress your stress response. If you rely on alcohol as a daily stress reliever, there will be long-term consequences. In the process of suppressing your stress response, alcohol can also suppress neurotransmitter functions that are critical for good mental health. That’s why long-term alcohol use can contribute to a person’s risk of depression and anxiety.

NuCalm promotes natural, healthy brain function. It is a patented approach that precisely controls your Autonomic Nervous System by shutting down the body’s stress response without interfering with the healthy functions of the brain’s other systems. With long-term use, your mental health with improve, decreasing your risk of depression or anxiety.

See the Solution Clearly

Alcohol as a stress reliever is generally a method for just avoiding your problems. You aren’t stressed because you’re not aware of what’s bothering you. This may be good for occasional stress relief but, if you rely on this method regularly, you’ll find that the problems you were ignoring have just piled up because you avoid to deal with them.

NuCalm helps you deal with the problems that are causing you stress. With NuCalm, you’ll eliminate the stress response, but your mind will be in better shape to deal with the problem. You’ll be more energized and more creative in your solutions and solving these problems will relieve your stress.

Stay Healthy

With all the stresses in your life, you don’t want to add health concerns to the list. If you are using alcohol regularly to combat stress, you might just be doing that. In addition to its impact on your brain, alcohol is a toxin that harms your body, including your liver and kidneys. In addition, the calories in alcohol contribute to weight gain while the depressant effect can make it harder to exercise.

NuCalm helps you stay healthy. It promotes your body’s natural healing mechanisms. It’s essentially a zero-calorie stress solution that not only helps you maintain your weight, it helps you exercise and stay fit.

Get Better Sleep

Many people think alcohol helps them sleep but, this is a misconception. Alcohol helps you fall asleep but, makes it harder for you to stay asleep as well as maintain quality, restorative REM sleep. You’ll wake up feeling worse than you did the day before, and you won’t be in a good state to deal with new stresses.

NuCalm improves your sleep quality. It prepares your body’s natural relaxation mechanisms so that you can fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and get more restorative sleep each night. This will make you better prepared to take on whatever the new day offers.

Are you ready to live better with better stress relief, sleep, and fitness? Please contact a NuCalm provider today to learn how NuCalm can make a difference in your life.

NuCalm’s Relationship Benefits

Valentine’s Day can be a big test for your romantic relationships. For a new relationship, this may be the day it’s time to get serious or, at least, have the conversation about whether you are going to “do” Valentine’s Day as a couple. For established relationships, it’s testing the water: is it still hot, or has it gone tepid with boredom or neglect? NuCalm can help if Valentine’s Day has revealed a few leaks in your most important ‘ship.’

Get Stress out of the Way

If your life is stressful, it can impact your relationship. When under stress, the worst in us tends to come out. We can become more defensive and less open.

Stress also increases vigilance. You are primed for conflict and more likely to pay attention to your partner’s negative behaviors and aggressively respond to them. Relationships build over time, and even small repeated conflicts lead you to feel badly about your partner. Not only that, but stress can keep you focused on old battles, forcing you to rehash them again.

But NuCalm can help you disarm your body’s stress responses so you can be calm and more understanding with your partner. It’s time to build new lasting memories and let the past be the past!

Be Fully There

The world asks more from us each day. Your schedule is busy and you have very little time with your partner as it is; you don’t want to spend that time thinking about other things. But it’s hard not to; work, finances, kids, and distractions like social media can put your mind elsewhere. This can lead to one or both of you being hurt, which can spin into a broader fight.

But with NuCalm, you can eliminate all those noises in your mind and be present in the moment. Cut out those other concerns to focus on the one who really matters in your life. The more attention you give them, the more attention they will return to you.

Get Better Sleep

Your quality of life depends on your quality of sleep. There’s probably nothing that impacts every aspect of life so much as how well you are sleeping. Your relationships can easily fall prey to poor sleep. If you aren’t sleeping well, your empathy can diminish. You can’t see your partner’s perspective, and that can quickly escalate conflicts. Lack of sleep can also diminish your libido, which can make your partner feel neglected, and overtime decrease investment in the relationship by both of you.

NuCalm can help you improve your sleep routine, get to sleep faster and get better quality sleep. Wake up more rested and ready to take on everything in your day, including any relationship challenges you might face.

NuCalm Helps Save a Sinking ‘Ship

If you’re unhappy with the way your relationship is going, and you can point to problems like stress, distraction, and poor sleep as potential contributors, NuCalm can help. Give it a try and you’ll see the benefits for yourself.

How NuCalm Helps You Maintain Work-Life Balance

The world asks more from us each day and in addition to your daily work grind and life at home, you expect more from yourself too. We all want to do, be and feel our absolute best.

But how do you perform better and balance the time, energy, and most of all, focus that all these parts of your life demand?

The answer is simple: NuCalm

Let Go of Past Concerns

Stress is a waste of energy. You spend your time worrying about things that are out of your control, instead of putting your energy where it will most beneficial. Most stress comes from worrying about the past or upcoming consequences of things that are already done. This is especially true if you’ve had a bad day and feel as if you didn’t live up to your physical, mental, or emotional potential. You can become stuck in the moment and you’ll continue to stress about the worries of yesterday.

With NuCalm, you can get past these moments. NuCalm helps flood the midbrain with oxygen to help your brain clear out the emotional baggage that leads to stress and keeps you from moving on. Mistakes happen, but with NuCalm, you are better able to learn from them, not dwell on them.

Better Focus for What’s in Front of You

Being able to let go of mistakes is vital to helping you focus on the present.

NuCalm doesn’t just help you let go of the past, it helps you get a better focus on the now. It quickly brings you into parasympathetic nervous system dominance. This helps your body rest and regenerate. It promotes blood flow to the frontal cortex, which improves communication pathways in the brain, so you have better focus, more mental clarity, and improved elasticity.

More Energy for All Life’s Demands

At the end of a long workday, you’re spent. But you come home, and your family expects you to have energy for them, too. You’re expected to split housework demands: kids need help with homework, dinner needs to be made, dog needs to be walked, etc. You’re also expected to be emotionally and physically available to your partner. Like your day job, your duties at home can be both demanding and rewarding. How can you give it your all without being worn down by these demands?

NuCalm makes sure you have energy for it all. You won’t be wasting energy on stress, nor will you be distracted by daytime concerns. You’ll be able to focus on what’s in front of you. And with less than half an hour of NuCalm, you can get the benefit of hours of restorative sleep. You’ll be restored and ready to enjoy the day and the night. Then when it is time to sleep, you’ll enjoy the sleep benefits of NuCalm too.

Perform Better at Work and Home

It’s not by accident that your life is full of delights. There are so many wonderful achievements to enjoy by day and by night. But you must have the energy and focus to enjoy them. And that’s where NuCalm comes in.

To enjoy the benefits of NuCalm, please contact NuCalm today for more information.

How the Gag Reflex Works

The gag reflex, also called the pharyngeal reflex, is designed to keep us from choking. It’s your body’s response to nonfood or large objects entering the mouth or throat. It is designed to work automatically to protect us. Unfortunately, that means that it’s very hard to control the gag reflex. You can’t always prevent yourself from gagging.

The gag reflex is triggered when certain sensitive areas of the mouth or throat are touched such as: the soft palate, the back of the tongue, the tonsils, the uvula, and the back of the throat. A person whose gag reflex triggers with minimal touch is described as having a “strong” gag reflex. Some people–perhaps as many as one in three–have no gag reflex at all.

When the relevant areas are touched, a signal passes from the touched area to the spine, where the reflex action is processed. At the spine, two different signals are sent out; one to the muscles to trigger the reflex action and the other to the brain to tell it about the touch.

Therefore, you can’t really control the gag reflex. By the time your brain knows about the touch, the muscles are already acting.

In the case of a gag reflex, the muscles at the back of the throat contract to push any potential objects away from the throat to the front of the mouth.

Two Types of Stimuli

The above section is talking about the physical process of the gag reflex, which is called a somatogenic stimulus. However, there are also psychogenic stimuli, such as thoughts, that can cause you to gag. These types of stimuli are often situational and relate to your attitudes about the situation in which you are experiencing the stimulus.

The two types often work together. For example, you might be able to smell mint toothpaste at home without a problem. However, at the dentist’s office, the smell of mint might make you gag. You associate the mint smell with the dentist doing things that make you gag.

If your gagging is related primarily to psychogenic stimuli, you might be able to control it using various approaches, such as distraction, meditation, and even pressure points. For many people with highly sensitive gag reflexes, this approach can get the problem under control so they can get through a doctor or dentist appointment. However, these techniques typically only provide limited relief, and it can take a long time to master them sufficiently. If you’ve tried these techniques but still find yourself gagging, NuCalm can help.

How NuCalm Controls the Gag Reflex

NuCalm is a powerful remedy to gagging. It controls gagging from somatogenic and psychogenic stimuli. In order to trigger the gag reflex, your body will activate both parts of the Autonomic Nervous System: the sympathetic and parasympathetic. NuCalm works to control the Autonomic Nervous System and prevents these spikes in activity. The gag reflex is still functional, but it’s diminished. In addition, NuCalm disarms your body’s stress response. This eliminates many of the context clues that can set off your gag reflex. When you are calm, you are less defensive. Gagging is a defensive reflex.

Want to better control your gag reflex? Try NuCalm today!

NuCalm’s Exercise Benefits Are for Everyone

Elite athletes use NuCalm to help achieve their best. You too can use NuCalm as part of your workout routine. Whether you’re semi-pro or just exercising to stay in shape, NuCalm can help!

NuCalm’s Exercise Benefits Are for Everyone


Before a Workout

Many people attempt to work out their stresses at the gym but, the truth is, it’s not beneficial to begin a routine with tense muscles. There’s working out hard and working out smart; NuCalm helps you do both!

For maximum benefit, do NuCalm an hour before your workout. NuCalm relaxes your muscles and mind so you can stay focused and prevail through your routine.

With your mind and muscles fully focused on the workout, you’ll get more out of the time you spend in the gym, on the track, on the field, or on the links.

After a Workout

If you’ve done a hard workout, you know you’re going to feel it over the next couple of days. That’s because you’ve injured your body and it needs to heal. When using NuCalm, your body will heal sooner, and you’ll feel less sore in between workouts. You’ll be able to stick by your schedule and not skip a day after an intense session at the gym!

Most of us aren’t just trying to get stronger when we work out. We also want to learn the skills that we’re practicing. We want the body to get better at what it’s doing. Whether that’s driving a ball or doing the butterfly stroke. When you do it right, you want your body to remember how that feels so you can do it again. NuCalm helps with this by setting your brain up to efficiently encode what you’ve just done. That way, your brain and body are prepared to do it again next time.

And, of course, NuCalm will help you get better sleep after your workout, which will help you recover and be ready to do it again tomorrow.

NuCalm Every Day Helps You Live Better

The more you do NuCalm, the more you’ll learn that it helps your body get better at everything it does. Work and play, in action and at rest, both mental and physical, the benefits of NuCalm are remarkable.

NuCalm and Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

NuCalm moves the HRV measurement in the direction of rest & repair every time.

NuCalm works by priming the parasympathetic “rest and repair” side of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which enhances heart rate variability (HRV).

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is currently the best non-invasive tool to assess the overall functioning of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which as we know, plays a vital role in overall health, recovery, and stress management.

HRV simply refers to the difference in length between each heartbeat. Having variety in your heart beats, indicates excellent heart rate variability and a positive reading on the parasympathetic nervous system. A decrease in, or lack of, heart rate variability is associated with sympathetic dominance and is a common risk factor for virtually all chronic diseases, regardless of a person’s age. Research has shown that lowered HRV is associated with premature aging, inflammation, depression, anxiety, etc.

NuCalm moves the HRV measurement in the direction of rest & repair every time. NuCalm is neuroscience technology that is clinically proven to prime the parasympathetic “rest and repair” branch of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which enhances heart rate variability (HRV).

What is HRV and Why Should We Care?
Recently, many consumer fitness trackers are advertising their ability to track heart rate variability, or HRV for short. Well, what is HRV? Why are physicians using it on their patients to measure overall health, athletes to measure recovery, and the everyday person to measure stress? HRV is currently the best non-invasive tool to assess the overall functioning of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which as we know, plays a vital role in overall health, recovery, and stress management.

HRV simply refers to the difference in length between each heartbeat. You might think that if a person had a pulse rate of 60 beats per minute, then each beat would last for exactly one second. However, this is not the case as there are always some differences between the beat to beat duration. The more variation between heartbeats, the greater the HRV, and the more balanced the ANS.


The reason HRV analysis is so effective at measuring ANS activity is because your heart is largely regulated by your ANS. For example, when you experience stress, the sympathetic nervous system increases your heart rate and decreases HRV so you can efficiently manage the stress. After the stress passes, the parasympathetic nervous system slows the heart rate and increases HRV to reestablish homeostasis or internal balance. In a parasympathetic state, your body and heart need variability in order to be able to quickly transition back to a sympathetic state if another stressor arises and your survival depends on it.

Tracking Your HRV
Tracking your HRV can give you an indication of your overall health, how well you are recovering, and how well you are managing stress. A larger HRV score would reflect good overall health, efficient recovery, and good stress management. A lower HRV is a common risk factor for nearly all chronic diseases, regardless of a person’s age. Research has shown that lowered HRV is associated with premature aging, inflammation, depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic disorders, decreased autonomic nerve activity, and an increased risk of sudden cardiac death after acute heart attack. However, it is important to note that many things can influence HRV in both short-term and long-term, such as breathing, exercise, stress, medication, age, and sex to name a few.

While there are a variety of consumer HRV monitors on the market, they do not all reflect the same HRV score and are not all equally effective. HRV analysis can be relatively simple and only look at the time differences between each heartbeat. It can also dig a little deeper and run other analyses for the most thorough understanding of HRV and ANS activity. Sadly, due to certain restrictions, consumer friendly HRV wearables available on the market today, mainly focus on the simpler forms of HRV analysis and therefore do not always paint a full picture of HRV.

NuCalm’s Impact on HRV
NuCalm’s partners at Harvard Medical School, along with many clinical NuCalm users, have used research-grade electrocardiography (ECG) devices with the most advanced analytical algorithms to measure NuCalm’s effect on HRV during a single session. This research shows that within minutes of application, NuCalm effectively decreases heart rate and increases HRV, as the body enters a parasympathetic dominant state. With consistent use, NuCalm will establish and maintain balance within the ANS, which will subsequently elevate HRV scores to a healthy level. While there are still some discrepancies in the consumer HRV monitoring world, we still encourage you to look at your HRV trends on and off NuCalm, while keeping in mind that this may provide a snapshot of your HRV information.

NuCalm is neuroscience technology that is clinically proven to prime the parasympathetic “rest and repair” branch of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which enhances heart rate variability (HRV).

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NuCalm for Cognitive Performance

Learn how NuCalm can help you think clearer, regain focus and make better decisions.

We have so much going on in life, that stress is inescapable. A prolonged sympathetic (or stressed) state can lead to cognitive issues such as poor memory recall, decreased focus, impaired learning, and poor decision making. Excess stress can also lead to psychological issues such as the deterioration of relationships, negative self-talk, and poor decision making (just to name a few).

We can think clearer, regain focus, easily recall memories, and make better decisions when we have spent sufficient time in our body’s optimal restorative state: the parasympathetic “rest and repair” state. NuCalm brings you into the perfect state of restoration which is essential for optimal cognitive functioning. NuCalm allows for maximum diaphragmatic breathing which has been shown to improve cognitive performance, decrease negative effects and consequences of stress. NuCalm can also enhance restorative sleep which is associated with greater memory consolidation and is vital for maximum focus and concentration.

Spending ample time in the parasympathetic state gives you the proper rest and repair necessary to handle the mental and emotional demands of everyday life.

How Does Stress Impact Cognitive Functioning?
We have so much going on in life, that stress is inescapable. When we are living in a stressed and intensified state, it can cause us to make quick and rash decisions, and we find ourselves caught in a hamster wheel of worry. A prolonged sympathetic (or stressed) state can lead to cognitive issues such as poor memory recall, decreased focus, impaired learning, and poor decision making. You likely can relate to a time where you were rushing around stressed and lost your car keys only to find them in your pocket. This is a simple and classic example of decreased cognitive function due to stress. When your brain is full of worries, there is no space left to remember the last location of your car keys. But often, all it takes is a deep breath and moment of calm to be able to shift your attention to finding the lost keys.

When we are feeling stressed, cortisol and adrenaline are flooding the body, and our bodily resources are directed away from our brain’s frontal cortex (which is associated with higher order thinking, behavior, and personality). Higher blood levels of cortisol are associated with memory impairments, slower reaction time and lower verbal memory. Chronic stress can also cause functional and structural changes on the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for working memory, learning, and goal-directed behaviors. Furthermore, poor sleep quality can impede memory consolidation and increase cognitive decline. Research has shown that adults who do not enter deep, slow wave sleep have more difficulty remembering information from the night before. It’s abundantly clear that if we don’t properly manage our stress, it can have profound impacts on our capacity to focus, reason, and learn. A prolonged sympathetic (or stressed) state can also lead to psychological issues such as the deterioration of relationships, negative self-talk, and poor decision making (just to name a few).

How NuCalm Can Help
We can think clearer, regain focus, easily recall memories, and make better decisions when we have spent sufficient time in our body’s optimal restorative state: the parasympathetic “rest and repair” state. NuCalm may help slow cognitive decline by eliminating stress and improving sleep at the very core. NuCalm allows you to spend ample time in the parasympathetic state; giving you the proper rest and repair necessary to handle the mental and emotional demands of everyday life.

NuCalm allows for maximum diaphragmatic breathing at 6-7 respirations per minute. This type of deep breathing allows for maximum diffusion of oxygen thus increasing the amount of oxygenated red blood cells getting delivered to vital organs such as the brain. Studies have shown that this type of breathing may improve cognitive performance, decrease negative effects and consequences of stress. The frontal cortex governs cognitive functions such as thoughts, ability to reason, and information processing, thereby greater blood flow to this region may encourage recruitment of more communication pathways to enhance mental focus and clarity.

NuCalm can also help improve sleep quality which is imperative for optimal cognitive functioning. Being able to receive deep restorative sleep is associated with greater memory consolidation and is vital for maximum focus and concentration.

NuCalm allows for the perfect state of restoration which is essential for optimal cognitive functioning. Properly managing stress allows us to breathe more deeply, oxygenate our body, and eliminate the stress hormones that can clutter our minds. NuCalm gives you the rest and repair needed to mentally prepare for all the things the world asks from us each day.

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