How Do I Stay Calm, Focused, and Pain-Free Before Marathon Season?

Fall is almost here and for many of us, that means its marathon season.

Training for a marathon is tough, particularly if you’re training for your first. Anxiety before race day is normal, and while some excited jitters are healthy, losing sleep because you’re worried or being too nervous to eat is not.

Fortunately, there are ways to calm your nerves and relax your muscles while staying focused on the race ahead.

Ways NuCalm Can Prepare You for Race Day

If you’re an avid runner, a marathon can be a major event. With the help of NuCalm, you’ll be able to train without skipping days and you’ll maintain a consistent sleep cycle. Rest and recovery should be your top priority when prepping for a marathon!

Relieve Your Anxieties

If you’ve found yourself reaching for anti-anxiety medication before marathon day, you might feel you’re solving long-term issues with short-term solutions. While medication can be effective, when the effects of those drugs wear off, we often feel worse than before. NuCalm’s stress-relieving technology is the only patented drug-free device that helps balance the Autonomic Nervous System.

Get Rid of Tension, Keep the Intensity

NuCalm benefits training in three ways: relieves stress and eliminates muscle tension, helps you maintain proper breathing, and puts you in a meditative state to help you perform your best. After you’ve crossed the finish line, NuCalm can restore your muscles, breathing and rebalance your emotions so you can cut down on post-race fatigue.

Feel Your Best, Even When Traveling

For many runners, a major part of that marathon experience is traveling to a new destination. Travel to the Big Sur International Marathon for some gorgeous ocean views or visit Beijing and get a historic tour during the Great Wall Marathon. No matter where your marathon training takes you, with NuCalm, you don’t have to stress about jet lag.

NuCalm can reset your brain, so whether the time change is just two hours or ten, your body will be race ready. Not traveling far but, still have trouble sleeping the night before the race? No need to take unpredictable sleeping pills; pack your NuCalm and sleep like a baby so your body is completely refreshed.

Get Race Ready

NuCalm can help you feel your best while you train and restore your body and mind. Whether you need to ease your race day anxieties, relax your muscles or sleep while you travel, NuCalm is here to make you feel your best before and after any race!

Top Stresses of Working from Home

Right now, many of us are suddenly working from home. Most of us never planned to do it, and, although we are grateful to still have a job in these uncertain times, the difficulty of working from home is increasing your stress. Here are some of the top stresses of working from home that you might be feeling right now.

Fortunately, there are options to help relieve these stresses, such as NuCalm.

Lack of Structure and Focus

One of the biggest challenges of working from home is that the normal workday routine is disrupted. At first it might seem nice to be able to sleep in and not worry about the morning commute. Working from home can increase productivity because you can get started working earlier despite sleeping later.

However, overtime many people find that they are sleeping in and getting to work later, leading to a loss of work hours. Even worse, people find that they are having trouble focusing on work during the day.

In response to approaching deadlines, people work longer hours than before. There is no time for rest and recovery; all waking hours become working hours. With an increase of work hours, sleep hours diminish. People are working more and sleeping less than ever.

Permeable Boundaries

When you work in an office, your schedule is structured. However, when you’re working from home, your designated time to work, is not as clear; interruptions are frequent and it’s difficult to communicate boundaries with your spouse and family. This sudden shift in your work environment creates tension and leads to more stress.

Social Isolation

Although you will be around your spouse and family, when you’re working from home, you are deprived of social interaction with your coworkers. Simply taking fifteen minutes to recharge in the break room and chat with an associate, can reduce your overall stress.

In today’s situation, the social isolation is worse because you don’t have many incidental interactions to help take the burden of social interactions off from you. Instead, you are relying on the same few people, such as your spouse and your children. This can lead to aggravation of minor conflicts, which elevates your stress.

Added Stress Now

In the past, people who worked from home could often put kids in school, so they had several hours free from interruption. Because of the current pandemic, some students will not be returning to the classroom this Fall.

Working from home is part of a major stress complex that is pressing down on many people. People are in dire need stress relief.

Stress Relief Is Available

If you are feeling stressed by working from home, it’s time to look for highly effective stress relief tools.

NuCalm is an advanced technique for stress management. Based on the latest neuroscience, it disables your stress response, leaving you feeling calm and rested.

Adding NuCalm to your work routine is easy. Just 20 minutes a day of NuCalm can help you combat the stresses of your new routine, allowing you to be more productive and effective.