NuCalm’s Sleep Benefits

Get the benefits of 2 hours of restorative sleep in 20 minutes with NuCalm.

NuCalm has many potential benefits beyond just helping people overcome dental anxiety. In fact, many people like to use it for other reasons, including the ability to improve sleep. The problem with trying to improve sleep is that there’s only so much you can do. Focusing on falling asleep and trying to sleep better can often have the opposite effect. You end up stressing about sleep, and then you have difficulty falling asleep.

For many people, this ends up happening when they use sleep apps. People get the apps to try to help them sleep but end up becoming stressed over the lack of quality.

So, what makes NuCalm different? NuCalm can do what you can’t: it can reach into your autonomic nervous system (your involuntary nervous system) and essentially flip on the sleep switch.

How NuCalm Sets You up for Sleep

NuCalm is designed to put your body into a state of parasympathetic nervous dominance. The parasympathetic nervous system is the part of your involuntary nervous system that controls your resting bodily functions. It slows your heart rate, works to conserve energy, and controls the midbrain’s release of neurotransmitters that promote an excited state. The sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system puts you in fight or flight and the parasympathetic branch puts you in rest and digest mode.

One of the stages in NuCalm is the supplementation of vital neurotransmitters that help promote sleep. GABA is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter, which puts your body on a glidepath to the first stage of sleep. Simply put, adrenaline is the gas pedal and GABA is the brakes.

This process is facilitated by the neuroacoustic tracks used in NuCalm. These are the differential beats that guide the brain to Alpha and Theta brainwave function. These frequencies are the equivalent to meditation or being at the edge of sleep. NuCalm grooms the neural pathways and retrains your body to achieve deeper stages of restorative sleep.

Getting Stress out of the Way

Another key component of NuCalm’s sleep benefits is the ability to lower stress. Stress keeps your brain active. When your brain is active, falling asleep is unlikely, and getting a healthy night’s sleep is nearly impossible.

Using NuCalm can help lower your stress by turning off the stress response at its source in the midbrain. You can keep telling yourself not to worry but, NuCalm calms you without any effort on your part… and the result can be a dramatic improvement in the quality of your sleep.

A New Approach to Stress and Sleep

We’re only beginning to understand the benefits of NuCalm and improved sleep. After a brief examination of volunteers using NuCalm, Harvard Medical School statistical physicist and sleep researcher Dr. C.K. Peng said, “Our preliminary results indicate that the NuCalm system could be a powerful tool for stress intervention and sleep quality improvement.”

If you want to learn how your sleep could benefit from NuCalm, contact a local NuCalm provider today.

NuCalm’s Sleep Protocol for Resetting Your Sleep Cycle

NuCalm is a powerful wellness tool that can offer a wide variety of benefits. And one of these benefits is the ability to help reset your sleep cycle so that you can finally get good rest at night.

Why Americans Have Disrupted Sleep Cycles

There is an epidemic of disrupted sleep in this country because of the modern American lifestyle. It began when we started making our internal clock subordinate to the wall clock. Instead of getting up and sleeping according to a natural cycle, we just started rising and resting when the clock said.

This problem gets compounded when we travel frequently over vast areas of the globe. When that happens, our body’s clock doesn’t match with the stimuli from our environment, which is what causes jet lag.

And now we aren’t just slaves to our clocks, but also to our phones. Because people can work anytime and anywhere, they often do. This constant demand to work can bring a great deal of stress. Social media also distracts us and keeps us from wanting to sleep. While we’re on our phones and tablets or watching TV, we’re dosing ourselves with light that keeps us from settling into our natural sleep cycle.

Speaking of light, there’s also the pervasiveness of light in our environment. There are lights on practically every device (i.e. cellphones, tablets, clocks, etc.). Streetlights pour light pollution into our rooms, and LED lights (blue in particular) have an even more disruptive power.

How NuCalm Helps You Reset Your Sleep Cycle

NuCalm is a powerful technology that can help balance and maintain your Autonomic Nervous System, which regulates many systems in your body, including both your stress response and your sleep cycle.

NuCalm can act like a reset button that calms and focuses your mind while allowing your body to recover from all the disruptions that bombard you each day. This includes sleep disruptions that make it hard for you to achieve or maintain a healthy sleep cycle. It sets your body up to respond to the environment, which lets you recover quickly from jet lag, and can combat other sleep disruptions too.

But trying to combat systemic sleep disruptions can take a little longer, which is why there’s a stress management protocol for NuCalm.

NuCalm Sleep Protocol

The NuCalm sleep protocol is designed to help people get on and maintain a healthy sleep cycle that matches their environment. This healthy sleep will ensure that you are well-rested at night and are better able to deal with your stress during the day.

For the first four weeks, you will do NuCalm three days a week, for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Do NuCalm sometime between the hours of 5am and 6pm for best results using all the components of NuCalm.

Then at bedtime, every night, play a special neuroacoustic track. Neuroacoustic tracks are similar in function to the binaural beat, only they use a single sequence of sounds to trigger the brain’s frequency following response.

After the first four weeks, you will NuCalm only twice a week, but keep everything else the same. After 8 weeks, you should find that you are naturally able to get better sleep than you have in a long time.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of NuCalm? Please contact a local NuCalm provider today.

Don’t Sleep Longer: Sleep Smarter

These days, most of us feel like we’re not getting enough sleep. To some extent, this is true; more than a third of us don’t get enough sleep. But it isn’t just about the amount of time you spend in bed, it’s about falling asleep, staying asleep, and getting quality sleep.

This is how NuCalm can help you enjoy a good night’s rest.

Fall Asleep Faster

Many people have trouble getting to sleep right away. There are too many things on your mind to let your brain relax and enter its process for falling asleep. NuCalm can really help with this.

Using NuCalm helps you put aside the things that are bothering you and get some distance from them. You can enter a state of calm and stop obsessing about the things on your mind. It lets you focus on getting rest when it’s time to rest, which then makes you readier to work when it’s time to work.

Get Better Sleep

Spending lots of time trying to fall asleep when you can’t or staying awake when your body wants to rest, can create a situation where your body has a hard time either staying awake or falling asleep. Its ability to read and respond to environmental and behavioral clues is hampered, which makes it hard for you to get quality sleep.

NuCalm can help with this by essentially “grooming” the body’s systems so they can function as they are supposed to. This makes it more possible for you to fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep than before.

Deeper Dreams

NuCalm helps your brain enter and stay at the proper brainwave frequencies for dreaming. By falling asleep faster and staying asleep better, you’ll spend more time in the REM state. This means that you can experience more detailed dreams. Many users of NuCalm report vivid dreams and sharper memories when they’re using the system.

The benefits of this aren’t just for sleep, you will likely see better creativity and more inspiration after you start using NuCalm.

When You Need to Rest but Have No Time

In addition to helping you sleep well at night, NuCalm is an amazing system because it gives you the ultimate ability to “power nap.” If you find your energy is flagging but your schedule is still full, you don’t have to set aside hours to restore your energy. Instead, just 30 minutes of NuCalm is the equivalent of up to two hours of restful sleep.

That’s because NuCalm puts you in the state of restorative sleep, which your body naturally transitions through repeatedly at night. By spending more time in this restorative type of sleep, you get more of your energy back and feel remarkably well rested in such a short period of time.

There’s Only So Many Hours in a Day–Use Them Right

If you keep feeling tired all the time, you might think you need to spend more time in bed. And that means you keep thinking about what you will cut out of your day to make more room for sleep.

But maybe you don’t have to find more time for sleep, maybe you need better sleep. And NuCalm can help you get it.

NuCalm Can Help You Avoid Jet Lag Linked to Summer Travel

It’s summertime, and for many of us that means travel. Summer is often the time we take off from work to explore distant places. An unfortunate side effect of traveling is jet lag (also known as circadian dischronism).

But here’s some good news: NuCalm can help you combat your jet lag so you can quickly get back to normal on your vacation or when you return home.

What Is Jet Lag?

Our body has an internal clock that helps us function properly in relation to the day’s rhythms. It helps us get up and get to sleep on time. To accomplish this, the body releases certain hormones at certain times. These hormones help prepare your body for activity or its power-down sequence. Because hormones take time to activate your body, they can be released half an hour or more before the event they’re triggering. If you typically go to bed around 11:00, your body may start releasing sleep hormones (melatonin) about 10:30.

Although the body adjusts the timing of these releases to match external and behavioral cues, it takes time to shift the cycle. When you fly across multiple time zones, your body struggles to adjust. As a result, your body can stay on the time cycle of your home for days after you reach your destination.

That’s what we call jet lag, and it can make you tired when you’re supposed to be awake or make it impossible for you to fall asleep when it’s bedtime.

You can also experience symptoms such as: headaches, irritability, lack of appetite, or frequent hunger. Jet lag can put a damper on your vacation or even worse, poorly affect your routine when you return home.

How Long Does Jet Lag Last?

Different systems are controlled by different hormones. Under normal conditions, these can take anywhere from 1-4 days to get back to normal. And for some people, it can take even longer.

How NuCalm Helps

NuCalm gives you a proactive method for resetting your body’s clock. It allows your body to wipe the slate clean in terms of circadian rhythms and start fresh, building your bodily cycle anew from the environmental and behavior clues you give it. Instead of waiting up to four days to get synced, you can do it in just one 45-minute session.

Unlike letting your body reset slowly, NuCalm allows you to get all your systems linked up at once. Using NuCalm makes it easier to live better when you travel.

If you’re prone to jet lag, please contact a local NuCalm provider at your destination to see if you can get set up to regulate your rhythms.

U.S. Air Force Major Credits NuCalm With Restoring Sleep

For Major Ken Corigliano, quality sleep was nonexistent. After suffering from a traumatic brain injury and being misdiagnosed, Ken was forced to function in daily life without the support he desperately needed. Due to his injury and lack of quality sleep, Ken was faced with both mental and emotional issues that completely controlled his life. But with the help of NuCalm, Ken now looks forward to sleep and his life has completely turned around.

Major Ken Corigliano tried for one last triathlon before deploying to Iraq in 2011; but after a car swerved into his bicycle, he dealt with severe injuries and brain trauma. Due to a misdiagnosis at his military base, he was forced to deploy anyway. He suffered hundreds of base attacks and his brain healed under these extreme conditions, wiring him for permanent fight or flight. The former U.S. Air Force Athlete Of The Year would suffer for years before finding NuCalm, the technology he credits with “saving his life” by restoring his sleep, refocusing his mind and helping normalize his body.

In the collision, Ken’s head hit the windshield and when the driver braked, he was thrown across to the ground. His brain suffered whiplash trauma where the visual cortex and brain control autonomic nervous system functions. The emergency room doctor found major spinal trauma and said Ken would not walk again. Ken disagreed and walked out of the hospital. “It was two steps, but they counted.”

Still in recovery two weeks later, Ken deployed to Iraq for six months. He had significant cognitive problems, trouble walking or talking normally, difficulty sleeping, constant confusion, and memory impairment. “My stress and anxiety were off the charts, but I just wasn’t giving up. I live a life of service, so I fought my way back.”

That fight was a relentless seven-year search for answers, during which Ken did all he could to hide the intensely negative effects of the undiagnosed traumatic brain injury. He only found temporary relief through trying many supplements, medicines, and doctors. “I couldn’t feel my body at all for years,” he said. “My arms would fall asleep; my legs would fall asleep. I couldn’t really feel pain…I couldn’t feel when I needed to use the restroom…It was an extraordinary effort to hide this. I lost the ability to read words…and assimilate information. I hid [that] from everybody, because I thought they would kick me out of the Air Force.” Ken hated to go to bed, because at times, he could not sleep for days. He’d sometimes stay in bed all weekend without sleeping.

Ken discovered his solution at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas; this is where he tried NuCalm.

“I slept in that chair like I had never slept before. I also had a dream within 90 seconds. That was tremendous…My first experience with NuCalm really empowered me. During the first week of using NuCalm, I remember sitting on my bed, and I cried because I knew I had my life back. I’d bought a $2,000 bed that I thought would improve my sleep and it didn’t do anything, neither did any doctor or medication. But with NuCalm, I loved going to bed. I just loved it. I was going to dream, have good sleep, dream wonderful things, and wake up rested. This happened very fast. In less than 30 days, I was able to cure my sleep problem that I’d had for seven years. It was very emotional.”

How NuCalm Began to Change His Life
Ken noticed that NuCalm gave him mental and emotional composure and improved his cognition. When anger and frustration build now, he can intervene.

When processing information, he is calmer and more observant. “Now my memories and experiences come magically. I can go through a difficult situation calmly, and my memory recall has been amazing. For example, I only had 90 minutes of sleep one night before a scientific advisory board meeting. I hit the NuCalm 20-minute Power Nap, and I was sharp for the whole day.”

Another big benefit comes when he travels. “NuCalm also alleviates any jet lag 100%. I call it my time machine and when I’m done, I’ll be like, ‘We’re here and I feel great!’”


NuCalm and Sleep

NuCalm’s all natural reliable system enhances your sleep by flipping the switch from wired and tired, to powerfully relaxed.

Quality sleep is a hot commodity in this day and age. Not only do the daily demands of everyday life keep us stuck in a heightened and intense state, but even our modern world can tremendously impact our quality of sleep.

Sleep is the optimal recharge button. It allows our parasympathetic nervous system to thrive and our bodies and minds to start repairing and restoring. Quality sleep is associated with low brain waves states of Theta and Delta and allow for deep restoration and the replenishment of hormone reservoirs. Without quality sleep, you can end up with both physical and psychological issues.

NuCalm’s neuroscience-based system primes your body and mind so that you can receive deep and restorative sleep. NuCalm grooms the body’s systems so it can properly function and switches you into restorative brainwave states which allow the parasympathetic state to thrive. NuCalm allows you to get into the perfect environment for enhanced sleep so that we can reduce stress, reset our natural circadian rhythms, and balance hormones.

NuCalm gives you the proper rest and repair your mind and body needs, so that you can feel and be your best.

How Modern Life is Impacting Our Sleep
Quality sleep is a hot commodity in this day and age. Not only do the daily demands of everyday life keep us stuck in a heightened and intense state, but even our modern world of pollution, bluelight, and the lack of time spent outside can tremendously impact our quality of sleep.

When we have low levels of background stress (both mental and physical), it can prohibit us from getting into a relaxed and restorative state that is essential for quality sleep. And without quality sleep, you can end up with both physical and psychological issues which include cognitive decline, accelerated aging, neurological degeneration, increased risk for cardiovascular disease, and weakened immunity. Sufficient quality sleep plays an important role in memory, learning, strengthening the immune system, and the list goes on.

What Happens When We Sleep?
Sleep is the optimal recharge button. It allows our racing minds to switch off and our bodies get to work. During quality sleep, our parasympathetic nervous system thrives and our hormone reservoirs are restored, our cells are cleansed, our memories are consolidated, and our joints and muscles begin to repair.

Deep restorative sleep is associated with Theta (4-7Hz) and Delta (0.5-4HZ) brainwaves. Theta frequencies are prevalent during REM sleep and are associated with dreaming, deep restoration, and the replenishment of hormone reservoirs. Delta waves occur during deep dreamless sleep and are considered essential for the restorative properties of sleep. If our minds are too busy worrying about tomorrow’s to-do list and the big work deadline around the corner, we are less likely to get into these deeply relaxed brainwave states where optimal restoration occurs. Unfortunately, we will most likely toss and turn the night away in light sleep without getting the restoration we need.

How NuCalm Can Help Improve Sleep Quality
The NuCalm Disc provides the body with a pure biosignal of GABA which grooms the body to more easily slow down internal systems and prepare the body for optimal sleep. GABA works in combination with serotonin and melatonin to transition the brain and body from an aroused state to a relaxed state, readying the body for sleep. NuCalm can also help to restore hormonal balance directly at the hypothalamus, the brain’s hormonal control center that’s responsible for maintaining an internal balance within the body. If this structure is not functioning properly, irregular hormonal levels may affect physical health and mental wellbeing. NuCalm’s upregulation of GABA can help reset the optimal function of the hypothalamus.

Your body’s circadian rhythms can easily be thrown out of whack from travel across time zones, environmental changes in light/dark cycles, or an inconsistent sleep schedule. An imbalanced internal clock affects your body’s hormonal levels which can leave you feeling exhausted during the day or unable to sleep at night. NuCalm has the potential to beat this problem because it restores balance to all of your physiological systems and rhythms.

NuCalm primes the brain’s stress response system so that the body can more easily slow down internal systems and achieve better quality sleep. It can help give you the proper rest and repair your mind and body needs, so that you can feel and be your best.

“45 minutes of NuCalm may give you the benefits equivalent to 2-5 hours of deep restorative sleep.”

– Dr. CK Peng, Harvard Medical School

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