Cognitive Performance – and the crucial role stress plays.

Cognitive performance typically declines with age. Brain structures associated with memory naturally shrink as we get older.

While part of this decline may be inevitable, preventable factors such as chronic stress and poor sleep accelerate it.

Elevated cortisol levels and a glandular dysfunction are each a consequence of chronic stress. Studies suggest both are associated with smaller volumes in the brain’s memory region, the hippocampus, as well as poorer scores in memory tasks performed by adults of a given age.

And stress inhibits blood flow to the frontal cortex, the area responsible for high-order thinking, behavior, and personality.

What’s more, poorer sleep quality, especially as you age, can hinder memory consolidation.

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NuCalm® neuroscience may help slow memory decline.

That cognitive performance is best maintained via a brain-based approach is logical enough.

NuCalm® is clinically proven to reduce stress and improve sleep quality, potentially slowing the most preventable contributing factors in memory decline – and helping to stabilize the aging brain.