Does Your Path To Recovery Need Optimization?

Aaron Drogoszewski co-founder of Recover NYC joins David Poole in a fast-paced discussion regarding ones path to recovery.

Whether he’s dealing with an athlete or a busy parent, Drogoszewski has customized recovery plans for all types of individuals.


“Optimal setting for the way your muscles are operating: your joints feel fine, but if your head isn’t in the right place or if you had poor sleep, you get your *ss handed to you! Most of the tools that an athlete needs really are above the shoulders, not below it.”

— Aaron Drogoszewski

His business, Recovery NYC features products focused on deep relaxation such as NuCalm. Drogoszewski shares his experience of running the recovery booth at the U.S. Open in 2019 and 2020, and the kind of results and feedback he received from professional athletes.

“There is a difference between a commodity and a product, between science and how you personally feel.” — Aaron Drogoszewski

In this episode of This Is NuCalm, listen in as Aaron Drogoszewski and David Poole discuss how the path to recovery is attainable and yet, different for everyone.


Aaron Drogoszewski, Co-Founder of Recovery NYC 

Aaron’s career as a Fitness professional began in 1997 as a personal trainer. His introduction to coaching, passion for movement, and pursuit of performance optimization began much earlier in 1992, when at 14 years old, he became an assistant instructor at the Okinawan Go Ju Ryu karate school he had attended 3-5 days per week for several years.

Aaron’s martial arts practice and career as a fitness professional continued to blossom throughout the years as he built his competitive experience in Muay Thai kickboxing, golden gloves amateur boxing and Brazilian Jiu jitsu.

As it had been from the onset, Aaron’s focus has always been on performance optimization. This passion attracted him to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, providing him the opportunity to educate trainers across the country on all their major live workshop curriculums, including certified personal training, corrective exercise, and performance enhancement. With a focus on the cross section where corrective exercise meets performance enhancement, Aaron then went on to a licensure in massage therapy to assist his clientele, including several high profile members of the entertainment world, professional athletes, musicians, and models to achieve their true potential via unrestricted movement.