Fitness Guru Declares NuCalm “The Best Stress Biohack That Exists”

Ben Greenfield is one of the world’s most recognized names in fitness. In addition to several books on a wide range of fitness topics, an extensive website full of expert advice, and a large coaching clientele, Greenfield has a podcast with a massive following. When he sees the value in a technology, it’s guaranteed that people are going to go out and buy it. And when the technology actually works, you can bet you’re going to see that technology take off.

This week, Greenfield’s guest was Jim Poole, Chairman, President, and CEO of Solace Lifescience, Inc, the maker of NuCalm.

During the podcast, Greenfield extolled the virtues of NuCalm, praising its ability to control stress, improve sleep, stabilize heart function, and improves recovery.

Benefits of Advanced Binaural Beats
On the podcast, Poole talked about what sets NuCalm’s binaural beats apart from any others on the market. The goal of binaural beats is to trigger the frequency following response by presenting the brain with a sound of frequency that the ears cannot actually hear (anything below 20Hz). Instead, the device uses two frequencies that the body can hear, for example a frequency of 505 hertz and one of 500 hertz, which then forces the brain to match the resultant 5Hz frequency. The brainwaves can be brought down to a theta range (4-8Hz) in the so-called healing zone for the brain and the body.

While binaural beats have been around for a long time, and they are easy to find, they don’t always work very well. That’s because the brain is very sophisticated and doesn’t like to be fooled or forced into doing anything it doesn’t want to. It has a structure called the reticular activating system, which recognizes and dismisses patterns. With most binaural beat audio tracks, the brain can figure out the pattern after a few listens. This means that while the track might work well at first, the effectiveness diminishes quickly.

But NuCalm’s binaural beats pair a nonlinear oscillating algorithm with extremely complex instrumentation to create a track that the brain simply can’t figure out–it’s too dense. You can tell how dense it is because one NuCalm track contains over 700 mb of data, compared to about 5-6 mb for a typical song.

The 20-Minute Power Nap
One of the most compelling features of NuCalm is the ability to possibly get the benefit of two hours of restorative sleep in just 20 minutes. This wasn’t originally a feature of NuCalm, but on Greenfield’s podcast, Poole explained how the advance came about.

Poole said that while the science said it was technically possible to get this level of benefit, the inventor of NuCalm, Dr. Holloway, didn’t initially offer a 20-minute track. Instead, the tracks were 40-50 minutes long because of the complicated process of negotiating the brain through the proper processes to achieve the desired brainwave state.

But when Poole saw the potential and saw the market demand for such a track, he encouraged Dr. Holloway to try, and after seven months of intensive work, they were able to develop the 20-minute power nap.

Better Recovery
NuCalm has worked with the US military to help them recover more quickly without drugs. The goal is to remove stress from the body, to help the body resolve stress, anxiety, fear, and depression. NuCalm can control the autonomic nervous system to break the cortisol cycle and quiet the so-called “reptilian brain” which has evolved to deal with all problems via the fight-or-flight response.

NuCalm doesn’t cure any disease. It doesn’t actually heal. It just removes stress and helps people sleep. By reducing stress and improving sleep, it improves the body’s ability to fight disease and heal itself.

Check Out Greenfield’s Podcast
Greenfield’s podcast is long, but it’s worth it to take the time to listen to Jim Poole’s explanation of all the benefits of NuCalm. You may not be a believer now, but in just over an hour, you might be.