NuCalm’s Exercise Benefits Are for Everyone

Elite athletes use NuCalm to help achieve their best. You too can use NuCalm as part of your workout routine. Whether you’re semi-pro or just exercising to stay in shape, NuCalm can help!

NuCalm’s Exercise Benefits Are for Everyone


Before a Workout

Many people attempt to work out their stresses at the gym but, the truth is, it’s not beneficial to begin a routine with tense muscles. There’s working out hard and working out smart; NuCalm helps you do both!

For maximum benefit, do NuCalm an hour before your workout. NuCalm relaxes your muscles and mind so you can stay focused and prevail through your routine.

With your mind and muscles fully focused on the workout, you’ll get more out of the time you spend in the gym, on the track, on the field, or on the links.

After a Workout

If you’ve done a hard workout, you know you’re going to feel it over the next couple of days. That’s because you’ve injured your body and it needs to heal. When using NuCalm, your body will heal sooner, and you’ll feel less sore in between workouts. You’ll be able to stick by your schedule and not skip a day after an intense session at the gym!

Most of us aren’t just trying to get stronger when we work out. We also want to learn the skills that we’re practicing. We want the body to get better at what it’s doing. Whether that’s driving a ball or doing the butterfly stroke. When you do it right, you want your body to remember how that feels so you can do it again. NuCalm helps with this by setting your brain up to efficiently encode what you’ve just done. That way, your brain and body are prepared to do it again next time.

And, of course, NuCalm will help you get better sleep after your workout, which will help you recover and be ready to do it again tomorrow.

NuCalm Every Day Helps You Live Better

The more you do NuCalm, the more you’ll learn that it helps your body get better at everything it does. Work and play, in action and at rest, both mental and physical, the benefits of NuCalm are remarkable.