Meditation vs. NuCalm: years of discipline vs. minutes a day.

Meditation’s many health benefits are well established: less anxiety and stress, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, and more mindfulness, to name a few.

But quieting the runaway mind is time-consuming and difficult for many practitioners. It requires long-term commitment, endless discipline, and constant vigilance.

NuCalm® is specifically designed to overcome these obstacles – with quick-acting, high-tech stress relief ideally suited to our fast-paced, high-tech age.


NuCalm® lets you partake of meditation’s benefits – quickly and effortlessly.

NuCalm® enables you to experience many of the benefits of a dedicated meditation practice in as little as 20 minutes a day.

It disables stress and quickly shifts you into a restorative brain wave state, slowing your breathing and heart rate in the process. So your mind can relax, your body can restore, and both can feel more integrated.

Unlike mindfulness and meditation apps on the market, NuCalm® utilizes neuroacoustic software tracks to pace your brain waves from the higher, stress-inducing frequencies to the lower, more calming ones.

The result of this scientific approach is not just greater relaxation, but heightened awareness, intuition, and creativity – benefits which come as something of a revelation to many users.

Achieving mindfulness need not be a lifelong quest. A daily session will suffice. So, stop obsessing and start decompressing – and Own the Day with NuCalm®.