NuCalm Neuroacoustics: Lowering Stress By Lowering Brain Waves

NuCalm Neuroacoustic Software uses neurophysiology, biochemistry and physics to entrain brainwaves to a frequency that promotes deep relaxation and calm.

Each brainwave frequency is associated with a certain state of being: Gamma brain waves (25-100 Hz per second) with high levels of cognitive functioning; Beta waves (13-30 Hz) with day-to-day wakefulness; Alpha waves (7-13 Hz) with relaxation and visualization; and Theta waves (4-7 Hz) with deep meditation and the initial stages of sleep.

NuCalm reduces brain waves from the Gamma and Beta ranges (which are sometimes felt as restlessness and anxiety) to the Alpha and Theta ones, mimicking the natural communication process of readying the body for sleep. This leads to neuromuscular release, homeostasis, and feelings of peacefulness – providing the ideal environment for learning, memory consolidation, hormone replenishment, and immune support.

NuCalm software uses two beats to produce one deeply relaxed state.

NuCalm neuroacoustic tracks employ binaural beats that deliver tones at slightly different frequencies to each ear.

The brain processes these as a single tone at a frequency equaling the difference between the original two. It then proceeds to mimic this wavelength, creating a brainwave pattern that provides the ideal recovery zone.

Spending enough time each day in the low-brainwave ranges is essential to overall health. To that end, NuCalm algorithms are specifically engineered to continually challenge the adaptive brain in order to keep it engaged.

Other stress-relief products are designed by audiophiles for mood enhancement, using studio production techniques to which the brain quickly becomes habituated because they are so linear and predictable. NuCalm neuroacoustic beats, by contrast, feature non-linear oscillations, so they will never be rendered ineffective.