NuCalm’s Relationship Benefits

Valentine’s Day can be a big test for your romantic relationships. For a new relationship, this may be the day it’s time to get serious or, at least, have the conversation about whether you are going to “do” Valentine’s Day as a couple. For established relationships, it’s testing the water: is it still hot, or has it gone tepid with boredom or neglect? NuCalm can help if Valentine’s Day has revealed a few leaks in your most important ‘ship.’

Get Stress out of the Way

If your life is stressful, it can impact your relationship. When under stress, the worst in us tends to come out. We can become more defensive and less open.

Stress also increases vigilance. You are primed for conflict and more likely to pay attention to your partner’s negative behaviors and aggressively respond to them. Relationships build over time, and even small repeated conflicts lead you to feel badly about your partner. Not only that, but stress can keep you focused on old battles, forcing you to rehash them again.

But NuCalm can help you disarm your body’s stress responses so you can be calm and more understanding with your partner. It’s time to build new lasting memories and let the past be the past!

Be Fully There

The world asks more from us each day. Your schedule is busy and you have very little time with your partner as it is; you don’t want to spend that time thinking about other things. But it’s hard not to; work, finances, kids, and distractions like social media can put your mind elsewhere. This can lead to one or both of you being hurt, which can spin into a broader fight.

But with NuCalm, you can eliminate all those noises in your mind and be present in the moment. Cut out those other concerns to focus on the one who really matters in your life. The more attention you give them, the more attention they will return to you.

Get Better Sleep

Your quality of life depends on your quality of sleep. There’s probably nothing that impacts every aspect of life so much as how well you are sleeping. Your relationships can easily fall prey to poor sleep. If you aren’t sleeping well, your empathy can diminish. You can’t see your partner’s perspective, and that can quickly escalate conflicts. Lack of sleep can also diminish your libido, which can make your partner feel neglected, and overtime decrease investment in the relationship by both of you.

NuCalm can help you improve your sleep routine, get to sleep faster and get better quality sleep. Wake up more rested and ready to take on everything in your day, including any relationship challenges you might face.

NuCalm Helps Save a Sinking ‘Ship

If you’re unhappy with the way your relationship is going, and you can point to problems like stress, distraction, and poor sleep as potential contributors, NuCalm can help. Give it a try and you’ll see the benefits for yourself.