NuCalm is the KEY to my recovery

As a world-class endurance athlete, my life is built around big efforts. Whether it's running across the United States, or the Central Park loop, or the Colorado Crush, or out-pacing a Tesla, the mental and physical demands are tremendous. I have learned to block out physical pain as I push through these big efforts, but I can't push through the need for recovery. That's why I rely on NuCalm every day because when you push yourself to the max, you need to recover to the max.

Watch how Robbie uses NuCalm to "rest, recover and come back stronger the next day."

Robbie Running in Mountains

The Colorado Crush

Summer 2021

63 Days

Leadville Trail Series: 26-mile race, 50-mile race, and 100-mile race

Colorado Trail – 485 miles

All Colorado 14’ers – 58 mountains

Over 300,000 feet of elevation gain

Over 1,200 miles of Colorado’s toughest terrain

Most miles at an altitude over 10,000 feet


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Join the NuCalm Family

Top achievers have a ritual to help them perform at the highest level when the situation demands. Making NuCalm part of their ritual allows them to accelerate recovery, sleep better, and reach peak performance at the most decisive moments.

Since 2009, NuCalm has been helping people in extraordinary ways, and in the ways that matter most in their everyday lives. And now, NuCalm is here for you!

For over a decade, NuCalm was a $5,995 Class III medical device. In November 2021, we launched a new consumer-focused subscription model making NuCalm more accessible.

Recover Like a Pro

Premium Annual
(Most Popular)

List price = $2,880

Promotion price = $1,299.90

Robbie Balenger special offer = $1,169.90

  • NuCalm (1-Year Access)
  • Focus (1-Year Access)
  • Ignite (1-Year Access)
  • DEEP SLEEP (1-Year Access)
  • 120 NuCalm Biosignal Processing Discs (Shipped at Purchase)
  • 1 NuCalm Premium Eye Mask
  • 1 NuCalm Zippered Travel Case

Offer available for first-time customers only.

NuCalm Monthly
(Most Affordable)

List price = $90

Promotion price = $49.99

Robbie Balenger special offer = $39.99 (First month only)

  • NuCalm (Monthly Access)
  • 10 NuCalm Biosignal Processing Discs (Shipped Monthly with Active Account Status)
  • 1 NuCalm Premium Eye Mask
  • 1 NuCalm Zippered Travel Case

Monthly subscriptions are not currently available outside the U.S.

Offer available for first-time customers only.

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