Stressed? NuCalm Is Better Relief Than Alcohol

The world asks more from us each day; it’s hard not to be stressed on a daily basis.

Everybody has a different response when they’re stressed. But one common response is to drink alcohol. Although this is a common strategy it can worsen the situation. Here’s why NuCalm is a better approach to stress relief than alcohol.

Get Relaxed, Not Depressed

Alcohol is a nervous system depressant and interferes with the way your brain naturally works. In the short term, alcohol can suppress your stress response. If you rely on alcohol as a daily stress reliever, there will be long-term consequences. In the process of suppressing your stress response, alcohol can also suppress neurotransmitter functions that are critical for good mental health. That’s why long-term alcohol use can contribute to a person’s risk of depression and anxiety.

NuCalm promotes natural, healthy brain function. It is a patented approach that precisely controls your Autonomic Nervous System by shutting down the body’s stress response without interfering with the healthy functions of the brain’s other systems. With long-term use, your mental health with improve, decreasing your risk of depression or anxiety.

See the Solution Clearly

Alcohol as a stress reliever is generally a method for just avoiding your problems. You aren’t stressed because you’re not aware of what’s bothering you. This may be good for occasional stress relief but, if you rely on this method regularly, you’ll find that the problems you were ignoring have just piled up because you avoid to deal with them.

NuCalm helps you deal with the problems that are causing you stress. With NuCalm, you’ll eliminate the stress response, but your mind will be in better shape to deal with the problem. You’ll be more energized and more creative in your solutions and solving these problems will relieve your stress.

Stay Healthy

With all the stresses in your life, you don’t want to add health concerns to the list. If you are using alcohol regularly to combat stress, you might just be doing that. In addition to its impact on your brain, alcohol is a toxin that harms your body, including your liver and kidneys. In addition, the calories in alcohol contribute to weight gain while the depressant effect can make it harder to exercise.

NuCalm helps you stay healthy. It promotes your body’s natural healing mechanisms. It’s essentially a zero-calorie stress solution that not only helps you maintain your weight, it helps you exercise and stay fit.

Get Better Sleep

Many people think alcohol helps them sleep but, this is a misconception. Alcohol helps you fall asleep but, makes it harder for you to stay asleep as well as maintain quality, restorative REM sleep. You’ll wake up feeling worse than you did the day before, and you won’t be in a good state to deal with new stresses.

NuCalm improves your sleep quality. It prepares your body’s natural relaxation mechanisms so that you can fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and get more restorative sleep each night. This will make you better prepared to take on whatever the new day offers.

Are you ready to live better with better stress relief, sleep, and fitness? Please contact a NuCalm provider today to learn how NuCalm can make a difference in your life.