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Falling asleep should be easy … now it is with DEEP SLEEP

Sleep is complex. And complex problems demand complex solutions. But, our biggest challenge was to create a complex solution that was easy to use. DEEP SLEEP is the result of over 8 years of research and development and is our easiest product to use. You simply play any DEEP SLEEP neuroacoustic software journey at bedtime and fall asleep. There is no eye mask, there is no biosignal processing disc, and there is no headphone required. DEEP SLEEP was engineered to help with the onset of sleep by slowing your brain wave frequencies to the low frequency, high amplitude delta range (0.5Hz – 4Hz). You only use DEEP SLEEP when you are prepared to go to sleep.

Sleep architecture involves 4 stages of sleep; 1 stage of REM and 3 stages of non-REM (NREM). Sleep is not uniform, but generally speaking, a person goes through four to six sleep cycles per night, with a sleep cycle lasting approximately 90 minutes. The first 3 stages of sleep are NREM and involve deep relaxation. The first stage of sleep is a transitional phase from wakefulness to drifting off to sleep. This first stage represents a challenge for many people, and is the reason we invented the DEEP SLEEP neuroacoustic software. Using patented, non-linear oscillating algorithms, vibration, pitch and frequency matrices, and frequency-following response delivered through an isochronic wave form, DEEP SLEEP gently guides you through the transitional phase and into deep sleep. The journey takes your brain wave function into the low frequency, high amplitude zone of 4Hz - 0.5Hz where you can get the rest and repair your mind and body needs.

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Don’t dread the approach of bedtime, welcome it.

For many of us, we spend way too much time ‘in our head’ when we get in bed. When your mind is racing, you can’t relax and sleep becomes elusive. The act of having racing thoughts or difficulty controlling your mind when it's time to go to sleep actually prevents you from falling asleep. This mental activity can trigger a stress response, releasing cortisol and interrupting the release of GABA, melatonin, and serotonin (inhibitory neurotransmitters) and disrupts your natural sleep function. DEEP SLEEP was designed to manage this phenomenon and help you transition into sleep faster, simply by slowing down your brain waves, which, in turn, slows down your active mind..

DEEP SLEEP is a simple, gentle way to stop your mind from sabotaging your sleep and get you into the first stages of sleep with ease. No drugs, no techniques, no practice … you play DEEP SLEEP when you go to sleep and it’s game over. You will rest, you will repair, you will recover, and you will wake up feeling refreshed!

Your Sound Blanket

The DEEP SLEEP product includes three categories of unique neuroacoustic software journeys:

Sleep Melodies, Music by Sound Tonics

The perfect blend of our signature music sound. Bringing our patented neuroscience to a music landscape so you can enjoy the beauty, restoration, and calmness of deep sleep. Composed in the ancient Solfeggio frequencies with added deep tones to ensure a peaceful transition from wakefulness to a relaxed, deep sleep.

Summer Rain, Sound Design by Sound Tonics

Predictable, calming, naturally recorded sound design to create a peaceful, subtle ease into deep sleep. When rain sounds enter the brain, the brain unconsciously relaxes and helps us feel comfortable.

Sonic Essence, Sound Design by Sound Tonics

Naturally recorded soft and warm blend of various nature sounds custom designed for deep sleep. This is not white noise, or pink noise, or brown noise. In fact, this uniquely designed neuroacoustic software journey isn’t noise at all. It is a blend of nature sounds, including the wind flowing through leaves, the crest of waves beginning to crash, and cicadas singing in the desert sky.

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Experiencing DEEP SLEEP

Each DEEP SLEEP neuroacoustic software category includes 50-minute journeys and 8-hour journeys. The delivery method of the patented neuroacoustic software is isochronic (unlike NuCalm and Ignite Warrior Brain which use binaural signal processing) and can be played over an external speaker.

The 8-hour journeys take the foundation of physics and music composition from the 50-minute journeys and add 7 hours and 10 minutes of uniquely composed tones, melodies, and sounds using high quality recordings of nature and the ancient Solfeggio frequencies to ensure that you stay asleep all night long. When the 50-minute journeys turn off, some people awaken. This is the result of your brain noticing an environmental change; from sound to silence in your bedroom. The 8-hour journeys ensure that this does not happen and allows you to remain asleep.

For best results, play one DEEP SLEEP neuroacoustic software journey one time at bed time. The volume should be set to a comfortable level. If you wake up in the middle of the night, and experience difficulty falling back to sleep, you can restart your DEEP SLEEP neuroacoustic software journey to the beginning to help you fall back to sleep. Do not start a new DEEP SLEEP journey within two hours of your regular wake up time, or you may feel mentally lethargic.

DEEP SLEEP is offered exclusively to
  Premium  and  Mastermind  subscribers. It is not available as an independent product.