An introduction to Focus presented by Jim Poole, CEO of Solace Lifesciences, Inc.

Focus on an Airplane

Unleash your brain power

Using the same patented, clinically proven  "methods and devices for applying dynamic, non-linear oscillations and vibrations to elicit a physiological state change in humans,"  as NuCalm, Ignite, and DEEP SLEEP, the Focus product effectively and predictably guides brain waves to 15Hz - 20Hz.


  • The Focus neuroacoustic software journeys are between 15 minutes and 17 minutes in length
  • The Focus neuroacoustic software journeys  were created using isochronic and binaural signal processing. For maximum benefit, each Focus journey should be listened to through a premium over-the-ear noise cancelling headphone. 
  • Focus DOES NOT require a NuCalm biosignal processing disc, or an eye mask. 
  • Focus can be played while working, while thinking, while walking, while engaged in a mental activity, or anytime you would like to feel focused.
  • Focus can be looped and played for as long as you want clarity, comprehension, and concentration.


Listen to any of the three Focus journeys to clear your mind and say goodbye to distractions, confusion, and procrastination.

Read the Focus Best Practices guide to learn more.

Patented neuroacoustic software 

The Focus product includes three patented neuroacoustic software journeys:

Clarity, Music by Sound Tonics

Slows you down to one thought at a time. Narrows your focus and provides you with the clarity to do something very well.

Comprehension, Music by Sound Tonics

Increases conscious awareness and cognition. Improves your ability to process information, understand concepts more clearly, and solve problems easier.

Concentration, Sound Design by Sound Tonics

Reduces distractions and procrastinations and allows you to selectively receive and process information. Creates active thinking and greater focus on thoughts, resulting in increased capacity to learn and retain information.

Focus Home Screen - Small Size

Using Focus

Each Focus patented neuroacoustic software journey is designed to accelerate brain wave frequencies to the beta range between 15Hz - 20Hz. This frequency range is commensurate with critical thinking, alert brain activity, and learning. You can use Focus on demand when you need to accomplish a critical thinking activity or you can habituate Focus in a routine like:


  1. Use NuCalm after waking up.

  2. Complete your morning routine.

  3. Use Focus when you begin work, running errands, organizing, commuting, preparing for a meeting, etc.

  4. Use NuCalm mid to late afternoon when you naturally begin to feel tired or your energy is diminished.

  5. Use Focus to get back into your daily activities.

  6. Use Ignite when you want to perform at peak levels in the gym, in the boardroom, at home, etc.

  7. Use Focus in the evening if you need to wrap up any activities that require you to focus and be clear headed.

Focus is offered exclusively to
  Premium  and  Mastermind  subscribers. It is not available as an independent product.

NuCalm Focus IV

The neuroscience of Focus

All learning is state dependent. When we are distracted, triggered, feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed, our brains are not receptive to learning. Distractions come in two ways… external stimulation, such as people, noise, interruptions, etc., or internal dialogue, such as our personal narrative and self-talk. Our inner voice is typically noisier than our environment and we must quiet both in order to focus. When our brain waves oscillate in low beta (13Hz – 15Hz), we experience mental lethargy, low energy, low motivation, and can feel sleepy. When our brain waves oscillate between 21Hz – 30Hz, we experience significant agitation, stress, fear, worry, and anxiety. In this state, it is almost impossible to focus. But when our brain waves oscillate between 15Hz – 20Hz, we feel distraction free mental clarity, positive energy, and are more receptive and attentive to receiving and processing information.

For more than five years, we have been researching and developing a product that facilitates learning by oscillating brain wave function in alert Beta (15Hz – 20Hz). Using the world’s only patented, clinically proven scientific method that includes pitch and frequency mathematical matrices, resonance, and non-linear oscillating algorithms that engage the Reticular Activating System, we created a powerful, predictable neuroacoustic software platform that will upgrade your brain. The Focus neuroacoustic journeys will change how you learn, and provide you with the capability to focus on demand. The music for each journey was meticulously composed in the ancient Solfeggio music scale and designed to correlate specifically with the patented physics and algorithms. This music composition adds an emotional component to the learning state which magnifies your ability to remain focused, process information efficiently, and problem solve with clarity and no emotional sabotage. Say goodbye to mental procrastination, inefficiencies, frustration, and missed expectations. With the same ease and predictability of using NuCalm, Ignite, and DEEP SLEEP, you can now reduce distractions and get focused.