The Evolution of NuCalm® and The Journey to NuCalm® 3.0

A message from Jim Poole, CEO of Solace Lifesciences, the makers of NuCalm®

I hope you and yours are healthy, safe, and sane during these unique and uncertain times.  Uncertain appears to be the most appropriate adjective to describe the current state of affairs across the globe… from COVID-19 to economic hardships, to civil unrest and injustice, the world has never looked like it does today. In fact, stress, fear, anxiety, and depression are at all-time highs, negatively impacting life as we once knew it. The world is in desperate need of help, and we are honored and humbled to share with you the future of NuCalm®. It has taken our neuroscience company almost 19 years and over $24M to get here, and we continue to be steadfast in our commitment to achieving our vision:

To enable people to reclaim their lives and realize their full potential.


The Evolution of NuCalm® – A Timeline of Highlights


  • Solace Lifesciences is founded by pioneering neuroscientist and naturopathic clinician, Dr. G. Blake Holloway, with the expressed purpose of developing all-natural solutions to real-world problems focused on personalized, evidence-based wellness and performance.
  • Holloway invents NuCalm®, a neuroscience technology clinically proven to eliminate acute stress by balancing the human autonomic nervous system. While Dr. Holloway did not invent GABA, eye masks, nor the concept of binaural signal processing, he did invent a synergy of the components meticulously designed to create an unexpected and exponentially greater physiological outcome than simply 1 + 1 + 1 = 3.


  • NuCalm® is launched and sold to doctors after eight years of research and development. The user must chew three large GABA supplements, administer cranial electrical stimulation (CES) via neuropatches behind the ears, place an eye mask over the eyes, and then listen to the neuroacoustic software delivered via a secure MP3 device and headphones.
  • NuCalm® is a highly regulated FDA-Cleared Class III medical device due to the CES device.


  • NuCalm® is awarded the world’s first and only patent (US9079030B2) for systems and methods for balancing and maintaining the health of the human autonomic nervous system.
  • The topical NuCalm® Calming Cream is launched as an improvement from the GABA chewable supplements.


  • NuCalm®0 neuroacoustic software is released via a brand-new mobile app after five years of research and development to deepen the NuCalm® brain wave pacing process, provide a greater variety of software tracks, and simplify the user experience.
  • A New Calm, A Story of Breakthrough Neuroscience Technology Patented to Quickly and Naturally Reduce Stress and Improve Performance, written by Dr. Michael Galitzer and Larry Trivieri Jr. is published.


  • Ellio Conte successfully published a research paper in the Annals of Depression and Anxiety about NuCalm®’s effect on brain wave activity, galvanic skin response, and heart rate variability.


  • The NuCalm® Biosignal Processing Disc is launched after four years of research and development, yet again to optimize the efficacy and simplify the NuCalm® The disc replaces the GABA cream and CES device – simplifying the four-part process into a three-part process that no longer requires the Class III regulated CES device. The use of NuCalm® becomes very simple (less than 30 seconds to apply), yet even more effective.


  • NuCalm®0 app is launched, along with a new business model, a tiered monthly NuCalm® subscription, a new website, a new brand platform, a new logo, and a substantial NuCalm® neuroacoustic software upgrade. The NuCalm® 3.0 neuroacoustic software to be shared with the consumer market contains 11.83 hours of the most complex, and most beautifully composed neuroacoustic software ever created.


To our current customers, we want to say “Thank You” and express our gratitude for helping us get to this point. To our future customers, get ready to experience a technology that helps you manage stress, improve sleep quality, optimize recovery, and ultimately gives you the power to Own the Day!

  • Jim Poole

CEO, Solace Lifesciences, the makers of NuCalm®