The Eye Mask and Blocking Visual Stimuli

The eye mask is an important component to the NuCalm system. It is essential for eliminating external visual stimuli, which allows for a state of deep relaxation and restoration.

When there is too much light or external stimulation, our mind is activated to receive and process that sensory information. This visual interference keeps our brain engaged and can prevent the deeper restorative brainwave states from occurring (this is why you can’t sleep with your eyes open). The eye mask allows for maximum relaxation, equipping the body for the optimal restorative outcomes of the NuCalm system.

NuCalm brings users into Theta brainwaves frequencies which are associated with light REM sleep, dreaming, deep meditation, and deep restoration. The eye mask eliminates any visual stimuli that can prevent this brainwave state from occurring. Visual stimuli can interfere with our ability to get into a fully relaxed state, which greatly reduces our ability to get into the deeper restorative brainwave states that NuCalm induces.

Each component of the NuCalm system is equally important. This scientifically designed system provides these specific components so that you can receive the best experience possible. The eye mask contributes to maintaining relaxation and allows the brain and body to be in the perfect state for rest and repair.