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Can Disorders be Heard? With Henry O’Connell

Hosted By: David Poole

  • Henry O'Connell

Henry O’Connell, Founder and CEO of Canary Speech joins guest-host Erica Robinson from Solace LifeSciences, Inc. to talk about how the Canary Speech app uses AI and machine learning to provide 200 thousand data points to analyze stress levels in speech patterns. “When you’re looking at 200,000 data points, you can be more accurate, you can be more specific. We can tell the severity of someone’s stress in the morning and after doing a meditation or an event where they’re calming themselves. After they go walking or after they exercise, they can measure again and see the impact of that in their lives.” — Henry O’Connell Ever thought three minutes of light conversation could give you that much information? Tune in and get ready to take notes.

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