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Dr. Blake Holloway — Inventor of NuCalm — On How and Why it Works

Hosted By: David Poole

  • Dr. Blake Holloway

Get ready to have any and all questions answered about the power behind NuCalm! Inventor of NuCalm, Dr. G. Blake Holloway joins David Poole in this episode of This Is NuCalm. Whether it’s our stress response being equivalent to a fire station or our GABA working like an engine coolant in an automobile, in this episode, Dr. Holloway is straightforward when explaining the organic effects of NuCalm. “GABA is like the engine coolant for your automobile, it keeps the whole system from overheating and the other transmitter sites from going into hyper-arousal.” — Dr. G. Blake Holloway No matter what you’re looking to improve – stress levels or sleep quality – Dr. G. Blake Holloway is transparent about the best way to utilize NuCalm. Whatever questions you have about the benefits of NuCalm, you’ll get your answers during this episode!

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