U.S. Air Force Major Credits NuCalm With Restoring Sleep

For Major Ken Corigliano, quality sleep was nonexistent. After suffering from a traumatic brain injury and being misdiagnosed, Ken was forced to function in daily life without the support he desperately needed. Due to his injury and lack of quality sleep, Ken was faced with both mental and emotional issues that completely controlled his life. But with the help of NuCalm, Ken now looks forward to sleep and his life has completely turned around.

Major Ken Corigliano tried for one last triathlon before deploying to Iraq in 2011; but after a car swerved into his bicycle, he dealt with severe injuries and brain trauma. Due to a misdiagnosis at his military base, he was forced to deploy anyway. He suffered hundreds of base attacks and his brain healed under these extreme conditions, wiring him for permanent fight or flight. The former U.S. Air Force Athlete Of The Year would suffer for years before finding NuCalm, the technology he credits with “saving his life” by restoring his sleep, refocusing his mind and helping normalize his body.

In the collision, Ken’s head hit the windshield and when the driver braked, he was thrown across to the ground. His brain suffered whiplash trauma where the visual cortex and brain control autonomic nervous system functions. The emergency room doctor found major spinal trauma and said Ken would not walk again. Ken disagreed and walked out of the hospital. “It was two steps, but they counted.”

Still in recovery two weeks later, Ken deployed to Iraq for six months. He had significant cognitive problems, trouble walking or talking normally, difficulty sleeping, constant confusion, and memory impairment. “My stress and anxiety were off the charts, but I just wasn’t giving up. I live a life of service, so I fought my way back.”

That fight was a relentless seven-year search for answers, during which Ken did all he could to hide the intensely negative effects of the undiagnosed traumatic brain injury. He only found temporary relief through trying many supplements, medicines, and doctors. “I couldn’t feel my body at all for years,” he said. “My arms would fall asleep; my legs would fall asleep. I couldn’t really feel pain…I couldn’t feel when I needed to use the restroom…It was an extraordinary effort to hide this. I lost the ability to read words…and assimilate information. I hid [that] from everybody, because I thought they would kick me out of the Air Force.” Ken hated to go to bed, because at times, he could not sleep for days. He’d sometimes stay in bed all weekend without sleeping.

Ken discovered his solution at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas; this is where he tried NuCalm.

“I slept in that chair like I had never slept before. I also had a dream within 90 seconds. That was tremendous…My first experience with NuCalm really empowered me. During the first week of using NuCalm, I remember sitting on my bed, and I cried because I knew I had my life back. I’d bought a $2,000 bed that I thought would improve my sleep and it didn’t do anything, neither did any doctor or medication. But with NuCalm, I loved going to bed. I just loved it. I was going to dream, have good sleep, dream wonderful things, and wake up rested. This happened very fast. In less than 30 days, I was able to cure my sleep problem that I’d had for seven years. It was very emotional.”

How NuCalm Began to Change His Life
Ken noticed that NuCalm gave him mental and emotional composure and improved his cognition. When anger and frustration build now, he can intervene.

When processing information, he is calmer and more observant. “Now my memories and experiences come magically. I can go through a difficult situation calmly, and my memory recall has been amazing. For example, I only had 90 minutes of sleep one night before a scientific advisory board meeting. I hit the NuCalm 20-minute Power Nap, and I was sharp for the whole day.”

Another big benefit comes when he travels. “NuCalm also alleviates any jet lag 100%. I call it my time machine and when I’m done, I’ll be like, ‘We’re here and I feel great!’”