What Does It Mean To Create Intimacy?

Magnus Johnson, co-Founder of Mission 22 joins the show to share his journey as a veteran participating in the effort to increase mental health for people who have served.

From his experience in the military to working with cohorts of vets like himself, Magnus talks about the path to integrating warriors into their new worlds.


“You might not know the right answers, you might not know what you should or shouldn’t do but you must participate. That statement hit me.”

— Magnus Johnson


Tune in next week to This Is NuCalm to hear about Magnus Johnson’s beginnings and how 9/11 propelled him into a entirely different life.


More About Magnus Johnson, Former Green Beret

Magnus Johnson is an eight-year army Veteran, former Green Beret, family man, writer, and artist. He completed three combat tours, two in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. As President and Co-Founder of Mission 22, a 501(c)3 organization, Johnson leverages his talents, skills, and understanding of warrior psychology to help solve the suicide epidemic engulfing America’s veterans. He is a visionary leader and excellent at forming individualized solutions to large challenges. Johnson has been awarded a Bronze Star Medal for Combat’s actions and a Congressional Record in the Indiana House of Representatives for Service to Country and Community.

Find out more about Magnus on his LinkedIn