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The Mastermind membership is designed for people who want to feel better, perform better, and live better and are ready to take action. We are building a community of 'partners' to develop safe, reliable solutions to solve real human problems. As a Mastermind member you have exclusive access to the team behind NuCalm®, Focus™, Ignite®, and DEEP SLEEP™. For years we have relied on our Masterminds to provide feedback to help us develop products that make a difference in YOUR life.

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What Mastermind Members Are Saying

“It’s a revolutionary system. When using NuCalm stress is your friend because you control it.”

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Mastermind #415

“Instant access to calm”

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Mastermind #196

“NuCalm has been a game changer in my life because it’s enabled me to cut my stress by 90%. I’m better at work, better at home and I can finally breathe.”

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What NuCalm Power Users Are Saying


Live Your Best Life with Mastermind


Value: $13,280

MSRP: $4,695

Special Offer: $3,495

New Year, Nu You, Big Savings: $2,995
Offer expires on February 5, 2023


Patented Neuroacoustic Software Access

NuCalm: 5-Year Subscription

Focus: 5-Year Subscription

Ignite: 5-Year Subscription

DEEP SLEEP: 5-Year Subscription


NuCalm Components

200 NuCalm Biosignal Processing Discs (One-Time Shipment at Purchase)

2 NuCalm Premium Eye Masks

1 NuCalm Travel Bag

1 NuCalm Zippered Travel Case

1 Paperback Copy of "A New Calm" by Dr. Michael Galitzer


Discounts & Referrals

50% off NuCalm Biosignal Processing Discs for Year 1

Friends and Family Plan Discounts

Refer a Friend - Earn Store Credit



Access to Private Online Mastermind Portal

Access to Private Mastermind Facebook Group

Exclusive Invitations to Masters Series Zoom Meetings with Leading Experts

Invitations to Focus Groups and Product Testing



Exclusive Access to the NuCalm Team

Early Access to New Technology and Products


NOTE: Smart device and headphones not included.



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Get to know NuCalm from conversations with two power users

Ben Greenfield and Luke Storey​

Ben Greenfield

The Best Biohack For Stress & Sleep

(Simulates A Full Sleep Cycle In 20 Minutes While Blasting Away Stress & Giving You A Deep Meditative Experience)

Luke Storey | March 3rd 2020

Maximum Meditation w/ NuCalm:

The Ultimate Stress Relief System with Jim Poole #265

Ben Greenfield

How To Simulate A Full Sleep Cycle In 20 Minutes

The Best Stress Biohack That Exists, Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Much More!

Luke Storey | December 1st 2020

The Neuroscience of Stress:

How To Meditate Like A Monk in Minutes W/ NuCalm Feat. Jim Poole #318




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  • 5-year subscription to the patented NuCalm neuroacoustic software
  • 5-year subscription to Focus, Ignite, and DEEP SLEEP
  • Exclusive friends & family plan offer - up to 6 members 
  • Access to NuCalm team members, industry experts, beta technology releases

Building a Healthy Routine

Managing stress can be elusive for many. The Mastermind membership helps people develop safe, healthy habits for stress management, improving sleep quality, and elevating performance when it counts. Get the results you deserve, with the patented neuroscience platform that delivers every time you use it!

See the results from Mastermind research over a 90-day period.

(n = 871)

Mastermind Project helped create a stress management routine
83% - Mastermind Project helped created a stress management routine
Find relief after nearly every NuCalm session
88% - Find relief after nearly every NuCalm session
Number of NuCalm sessions per week
4 or more NuCalm sessions per week
2 +







*Based on total Mastermind Project participants

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